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Land of ruddy red rock and river,
Of ores and lores and scores from thither,
Of fruits of the mind left on the vine to wither,
Of too many who stand but too few who deliver;

From describing the wonders of marketplaces both physical and abstract, to explaining the intricacies of evolutionary epistemology, this is a growing collection of imaginative and analytical musings about the human condition.

Now it is time to at last leave behind
The politics bereft of reason and rhyme,
The poisonous fruits of ideologies blind,
Which seek to exalt the crude and unkind;

We are only just beginning to tap this revolutionary new tool of augmented collective consciousness, it’s potential to facilitate the human endeavor, to improve the quality of life, still largely unexplored. Colorado Confluence aspires to put this tool to marginally better use, to articulate the genius of the many with the expertise of the few, the simple pleasures of daily life with the sublime pleasures of aesthetic and intellectual discovery, the roiling surface of the political sea with the surging depths of the human mind.

It’s time, instead, to be well-advised,
To examine the systems of which we’re comprised,
To derive our policies from thought well-apprised,
And become harmonious, healthy, and wise;

Colorado Confluence is dedicated to thoughtful discourse that both celebrates and seeks to improve our shared existence here in Colorado, and beyond. It is about the enterprise of life, the narrative we are creating together. This is a place to discover novel ideas and insights, seeking ways to better work together for mutual benefit, and better bear the burdens that none should bear alone.

May those who thrive on the pain of others,
Strive instead to become as sisters and brothers;
May hearts open wide and minds learn to grow,
And pettiness melt like late summer snow.


Catalogue of Selected Posts

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