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Here is a partial hyperlinked index of essays and posts on this site. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find that it was worth your while!

The evolutionary ecology of natural, human, and technological systems:

The Politics of Consciousness

Adaptation & Social Systemic Fluidity

The Evolutionary Ecology of Social Institutions

The Fractal Geometry of Social Change

The Evolutionary Ecology of Human Technology

The Fractal Geometry of Law (and Government)

Emotional Contagion

Bellerophon’s Ascent: The Mutating Memes (and “Emes”) of Human History

Information and Energy: Past, Present, and Future

The Evolutionary Ecology of Audio-Visual Entertainment (& the nested & overlapping subsystems of Gaia)

The Nature-Mind-Machine Matrix

Counterterrorism: A Model of Centralized Decentralization

The Mandelbrot Set: Images of Complexity (just the imagery, but in-depth and worth a look)

Transcendental Politics (formerly “The Politics of Reason and Goodwill”):

A Proposal for Orchestrating an Historical Paradigm Shift

The Ideology of Reason in Service to Humanity

Politics Isn’t Everything…,

Transcendental Politics

A Comprehensive Paradigm for Progressive Thought and Action; or “Yes We Can, and Here’s How”

A Proposal

The Politics of Reason & Goodwill, simplified

“It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”

How to make a kinder and more reasonable world

A Simple Choice

Meta-messaging with Frames and Narratives

The Ultimate Political Challenge

Second-Order Social Change

“A Theory of Justice”

The Foundational Progressive Agenda

Apollo’s Creed

The Politics of Anger

“It Was Just A Joke”

The Politics of Kindness

The Power of “Walking the Walk”

Community Action Groups (CAGs) & Network (CAN)

“The Fault, Dear Brutus….”

“Messaging” From The Heart of Many Rather Than The Mouth of Few

A Positive Vision For Colorado

The Heart of Politics

Tragically Comical American Political Discourse

The Battle of Good v. Evil, Within & Without

The Battle of Good v. Evil, Part 2

What’s Right With America

Solving Rather Than Punishing Problems

A Major Historical Threshold or A Tragically Missed Opportunity?

A Call To Minds & Hearts & Souls

Politics & Social Change

Changing The Narrative

Cluster Liberals v. Network Liberals

Realizing Human Potential

The Loss of Humanity

Irrational Belligerence Run Amok

Getting Off The Political Treadmill

The Dance of Consciousness

A Vision for Progress

No Presumption Pragmatism

“The Audacity of Hope”

The Battle of Narratives

A Framework for Public Discourse

Gentle Reflections

On the Threshold

The Human Enterprise

Social Systems and Social Change Tidbits:

Collective Action (and Time Horizon) Problems

The Mathematics of Conflict and Cooperation

The Genius of the Many

Discipline & Purpose

Cynical Idealism

The Variable Malleability of Reality

Political Constants & Political Variables

Social Coherence and Disintegration

E Pluribus Unum

Predators, Prey, and Productive Praxis

Free Will, Determinism, Quantum Mechanics, & Personal & Social Responsibility

The Presence of the Past

“Thrive-Interest” v. “Self-Interest”

Individual & Society: Conformity v. Accommodation

The Meaning of “Representation”

Why Fame Is Attractive

“Is Religion A Force For Good?”

The T Party…, THC, That Is

Systems Analysis, Politics, and the Uneasy Alliance of Ignorance and Privilege


The Algorithms of Complexity

A Dialogue on Religion, Dogma, Imagination, and Conceptualization

An Argument For The Existence of God…, Sort Of.

Do Deities Defecate?

Personhood, Politics, & Truth

Pro-Life Dogma v. Life-Affirming Sentiment

The Social Construction of Legal Reality

What is Leadership?

Public Entrepreneurialism

Humanity v. Civility

Echo Chamber Amplification

The Poetry of Life

Daring Innovation v. Stagnant Ritualism

The Titanic Nation

Anatomy Is Not Destiny

The Battle of Narratives: Responsibility for Past, Present & Future

Tea Party Political Fundamentalism and Responses To It:

“Political Fundamentalism”

“Constitutional Idolatry”

Liberty Idolatry

Small Government Idolatry

The Tea Party’s Mistaken Historical Analogy

The True Complexity of Property Rights

Liberty & Interdependence

Real Fiscal Conservativism

Social Institutional Luddites

The Inherent Contradiction of Extreme Individualism

Liberty & Society

An Open Letter To The American Far-Right

A Frustrated Rant On A Right-Wing Facebook Thread

The Catastrophic Marriage of Extreme Individualism and Ultra-Nationalism

Dialogue With A Libertarian

More Dialogue With Libertarians

Yet Another Conversation With Libertarians

Dialogue With Another Libertarian

Another Response to the Cult of Libertarianism

Another Dialogue With A Conservative

Down the Rabbit Hole to the Mad Hatters’ Tea Party

More Fun With Dicks and Janes

A Response to a Conservative on Personal and Collective Responsibility, Reason, Bias, Discourse & Humanity

A Response to a Conservative on Patriotism, Militarism & Economics

Response to a Right-Wing Myth

The History of American Libertarianism

Right-Wing New-Speak

“Take” This

“Rebels,” Reactionaries & Reality

A Response to Libertarianism

The Tea Party’s Neo-”Jim Crow”

How Much Racism Is There On The Far Right?

The Narrowing of the American Mind

A Response to Mindless Belligerence

The New Face Of American Racism

Why The Far-Right Is On The Wrong Side Of Reason, Morality, Humanity and History

A Liberal Response to the Far-Right

The Bizarro Universe of Right-Wing “Logic”

Dogmatic Ideology and its Avoidance:

Scholarship v. Ideology

The Elusive Truth

The Hydra’s Heads

The Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Un-Jamming the Signal

To Raise or Lower the Level of Discourse

Pro-Life Dogma v. Life-Affirming Sentiment

Ideology v. Methodology

The Voice Beyond Extremes

Scientific Misconduct: There’s No Such Thing As Immaculate Conception

Discourse, Diderot & Deity

The Real Political & Cultural Dichotomy

Sacred Truths

The “New” Reductionism

Irrational (but rationalized) Belligerence

The Tyranny of Blind Ideology

An Argument for Reason and Humility

The American Theocracy Movement

Unwise Certainty, Counterproductive Vitriol, and Wise and Functional Humility


Humanized Markets

The Economic Debate We’re Not Having

The Real Deficit

The Restructuring of the American and Global Economy

The More Subtle & Salient Economic Danger We Currently Face

Why Extreme Income and Wealth Inequality Matters

Investing in Infrastructure: Labor and Capital Agree

The Paradox of Property

The True Complexity of Property Rights

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that….”

Digital Manufacturing & The IT Revolution

Education; child, family, & community; health care & mental health care:

Education Policy Ideas

A New Focus for Education Reform: Student Socialization and Targeted Student and Teacher Placement

Real Education Reform

Mistaken Locus of Education Reform

School Vouchers, Pros & Cons

A Colorado Teacher’s Perspective on Education Reform

West Generation Academy

American Universities: Two Dimensions on which to Improve

The Vital Role of Child, Family, and Community Services

A Fanciful Child and Family Welfare Act

The Most Vulnerable Americans

Is It Wrong to Require People to Buy Health Insurance?

Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Society; Sound Good?

Our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers

The Duty of Compassion

Symptoms v. Root Causes

Kick-Starting A ClearMind

Why “ClearMind” is Singular

“The Harvey Report”

Environment, immigration, international relations, civil rights, balance of rights & security:

Gaia & Me

Environmental Open Forum

Deforestation: Losing an Area the Size of England Every Year

A comprehensive overview of the immigration issue

Legality, Morality, and Reality Regarding U.S. Immigration Policy

Godwin’s Law Notwithstanding

Basal Ganglia v. Cerebral Cortex, Basal Ganglia Keeping Score

The Nature of the SB 126 Colorado ASSET Debate

A Humane & Rational People

(Immigration) Law Is Our Servant, Not Our Master

Lords and Serfs on the Global Manor: Foreign Aid as Noblesse Oblige

Problems Without Borders

“Democracy IN America,” But Not BY America

The Brutality of War is Relevant

A Brief Analysis of the Israeli-American Relationship


Rights v. Security

Freedom & Coherence

Gun Violence and Gun Regulation

A Dialogue on Force and Discourse

Debunking The Arguments of the American Gun Culture

A Gun Control Debate

The Lesson of Tragedy

The Gun Control Debate, In Progress

Aurora, CO Theater Shooting

Force & Folly

The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Incident, and What it Reveals about the American Political Divide

The Current American Struggle

Various other political Issues and a possible emerging policy instrument:

“A Choice Between Our Hopes and Our Fears”

“A Choice Between Our Hopes and Our Fears,” Revisited

The Ultimate Political Challenge

The Conservative v. Progressive Debate

Democracy’s Defect Is In The “Demos”

Reason and Compromise

The War of American Interdependence

Should Political Libel Be Legally Prohibited?

Why Michael Bennet Truly Impresses Me

Sunday Briefs: Glenn Beck on Slavery, How Free Should Speech Be, & the Social Relevance of How We Conceptualize God.

Inclusivity & Exclusivity

Sex & Politics

A Tale of Two Movements

The Great American Debate

The Commodification of Responsibility

Is Direct Democracy Incompatible With Constitutionalism?

Will The Real Constitution Please Stand Up?

The Basic Political Ideological Grid

Godwin’s Law, Revisited

How The Tea Party Is Moving The Country To The Left

Fortresses of Delusions

Political Market Instruments

Fiction & Poetry:

Excerpts from “A Conspiracy of Wizards”:

The Hollow Mountain

The Wizards’ Eye

“Flesh Around A Whim”

The Cloud Gardener

A Heavenly Host

The History of the Writing of “A Conspiracy of Wizards”

Other works:

An Eddy In The Stream

A Couple of Poems from My Youth


La Confluencia Colorado


Holiday Specials:

El Día de los Muertos, Election Day Edition

A Story of Thanksgiving, Misgiving, & Forgiving

“It’s a Wonderful Life,” American Political Edition

A Political Christmas Carol

A Multicultural Christmas

A Progressive New Year: The On-Going Project

Independence from National Mythology Day

Personal Vignettes:

The Value of Wonder

Puppy Love

Navigating the Forever Forking River

Snow Whitehair & The Seven Dwarfs

Conflucian Sayings

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