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1) When you register, if you don’t find your password sent to your email address, check the spam folder.

2) To post from any WordPress page, click “new post” on the upper-right of your screen.

3) To get to WordPress from the Colorado Confluence home page, click “site admin” under “options” at or near the top of the right or left hand column (the location changes to keep a rough balance in the length of the columns).

4) When you post, please remember to title your post, and to check off the categories to which it belongs (on the right hand side of the screen when you are posting).

5) After you type or paste your post into the text window for new posts, and check off the categories, click “publish”.

6) You have control of your posts after posting; you can edit or delete them if you wish. After you edit posts, click “update”.

7) You can disallow comments on your post, if you wish. Scroll down from the text window when you post to see the options.

8) If you click on someone’s name under “recent comments”, you will be sent to their website, if they placed one on their profile. Click instead on the name of the post that they commented on.

9) Due to a deluge of spam, I’ve had to change the settings so that posts require my permission before they are published. Please email to do so at (Otherwise, I sometimes don’t check for pending posts for extended periods of time).

10) If you discover other tips to share with the rest of us, just add them with a comment below.

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