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The blogosphere is a cacophony of arbitrary assertions, unreliable information, angry retorts, and assumption-laden quick commentaries. Long, thoughtful explorations of issues and aspects of our lives are resented on many sites, high volume being instantly equated with low density, and in-depth analysis conflated with unnecessary verbosity. There are reasons for this: The lack of quality control and editorial assistance in instantly self-published compositions reasonably diminishes confidence that the material is worthwhile to read. And the world has become a more sound-bite driven place, relying more on quick hits of factoids and headlines than insightful discussion of underlying dynamics and implications. The rapid, massive flow of information is a deluge in which no one can swim, and those who try are left grabbing fractured pieces rather than comprehensive narratives.

But lengthy composition does not imply poor quality. Those of us who still read books, read books that are hundreds of pages long, without generally complaining that the author failed to make his or her point in less than 200 words. Even the magazine articles we read are generally of a length that would be greeted with derision in the blogosphere. And those who self-publish are not necessarily writing works of inferior quality; thoughtful essays cannot be reduced to soundbites without destroying their value entirely.

I started this blog (in August 2010) in order to create a more thoughtful haven on the internet, a place where we do something more useful than post links and quick retorts and escalating flame wars. I wanted to create a confluence of thoughts and ideas, a place where people can teach and learn from one another, where we can all lift one another up by using this technology of collective consciousness in a more deeply nourishing way.

But though a fair number of people have been stopping by on a daily basis to read my posts, very few have posted anything of their own. I can’t make this clearing house of ideas and insights and ponderings and contemplations work all on my own; I need the help of others who are also thinking about the world in which we live. Please, post your essays here, on any topic of interest to you, and send the link to this page to everyone you know who might wish to do the same. Let’s create a real confluence of thought, and imagination, and aspiration, right here, and, hopefully, gradually, flowing together with all other such efforts wherever they may be, everywhere.

(Feel free to email me if your posts are not appearing. Due to a deluge of spam, I had to change the settings so that I must approve posts, and do not receive notification of every attempt to post, it now numbering in the hundreds per day by spammers. As soon as you demonstrate that you are a serious poster, wishing to operate within the framework of thoughtful analysis, I will change your setting so that you can post automatically.)

This can become a community blog, operated by and for those who wish to increase the sum total of human consciousness and understanding, and direct that growth toward the challenge of improving the quality of our lives and giving fuller expression to our reason and compassion. Those who become regular posters can have an autobiographical page, like mine, and perhaps an index to their posts that others can access. This blog can, and should, grow into something bigger than one individual’s platform.

I look forward to reading your thoughts about the world in which we live, and what we can do to improve the quality of our lives. Cheers!

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