Due to immediate obligations, I will have to take a break from writing new posts until the end of February. As always, others are welcome and encouraged to post. Please try to do so in the spirit of the blog (which is committed to exploring how best to address social problems as a polity -i.e., through public policy, which inevitably implicates the agency of government, though in what ways and to what degree is certainly open to legitimate debate- rather than whether to address social problems as a polity). Please be assured that, as long as that is your intention, that your contribution, whatever it is, is greatly appreciated.

In the four and a half months since I started this blog, I have published over 200 posts and pages exploring various aspects of our social institutional landscape, almost all of which are of more enduring relevance than posts on typically news-oriented political blogs. Please peruse them through the topics box, or the search engine, or by visiting my Catalogue of Selected Posts. You will find posts on a variety of topics. If you haven’t yet, please read A Proposal: The Politics of Reason and Goodwill or The Politics of Reason & Goodwill, simplified, which describe an integration of analytical thought, social identification messaging, and non-partisan community action, all in service not only to cultivating broader and deeper popular support for policies based on reason and goodwill, but also to improving the quality of such policies, and promoting direct non-partisan mutual assistance in our communities.

For those interested in a complex dynamical systems approach to social theory, I recommend my series of posts on that topic: The Evolutionary Ecology of Social Institutions, The Fractal Geometry of Social Change, The Evolutionary Ecology of Human Technology, Adaptation & Social Systemic Fluidity, The Politics of Consciousness,  Information and Energy: Past, Present, and Future, The Evolutionary Ecology of Audio-Visual Entertainment (& the nested & overlapping subsystems of Gaia), The Nature-Mind-Machine Matrix.

For those interested in my thoughts about how to make the progressive movement a more powerful and constant force for long-term social and political change in America, see the long list of posts under the heading “The Progressive Policy Program” (the first box on the Catalogue of Selected Posts page).

Please consider referring others to this blog, and posting links to posts that you liked on your own social media accounts. My project is to contribute to (even if  just marginally) and help activate and mobilize “the genius of the many,” in service to humanity’s realization of ever more enlightened states of individual and collective thought and being. History is a braided narrative of both modest and dramatic successes and failures by this measure; clearly, the choices we make determine the balance we achieve between the two. As I frequently repeat: We’re all in this story together; let’s write it well.

See you at the end of February! Cheers!

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