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The following is a cumulative list, to which I will add as the inspiration strikes, of all wise, witty, or worthless phrases and slogans that come to mind from time to time. One or two of them, I suspect, are inadvertently plagiarized –and some are “advertent” variations on existing sayings– but, as Pete Seeger once said in concert with Arlo Guthrie, “all culture is plagiarism, so if the next song sounds a bit like the last, you know why….”):

All culture is plagiarism, so if this saying sounds a bit like the last, you know why…. ;)

The next page of the story is always a page-turn away.

The difference between a scholar and an ideologue is that a scholar seeks out the truth while an ideologue is certain he is already in possession of it.

Powerpoint is generally used neither to supplement nor complement what is being said, but rather only to distract from what is being said.

Politics is the art of convincing others that you are not a politician.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with being cleared for take-off.

It’s not who you know that counts, but rather what you know about them.

Those who are certain are almost certainly wrong.

Humility is wisdom.

Liberty is a collective enterprise.

Beans and beer is not an aphrodisiac.

The genius of the many is a captive giant, whose freedom is the ends and the means of all other things.

Let our disputes be increasingly defined by the limits of our reason rather than by the extent of our bigotry.

We’re all in this story together: Let’s write it well.

There’s only one political ideology to which any of us should adhere, that of striving to be rational and humane people.

The ultimate goal of all politics should be to lift one another up rather than knock one another down.

We are facing a fire-breathing dragon of blind ideology.

I’m stuck in the mud on the road less traveled, hauling a cartload of rare intangible wares.

Little is accomplished without imagination, yet time and again those who exist to challenge a stagnant status quo fail by clinging to a stagnant status quo of their own.

We all need to do more to take responsibility for our OWN failings, and less to convince ourselves that the world’s woes are defined by everyone else’s.

There’s something about American political discourse that’s like trying to piss with the wind in a sandstorm.

American political discourse has become a Monty Python skit with an American accent.

People who manage to pull you down to their level win the argument, despite the fact that they permanently reside there and you’re just visiting.

People who pull you down to their level have the home court advantage.

Somehow, we’ve managed to become the laggard of the free world….

Success is the continuing realization and implementation of human consciousness for the material and spiritual benefit of both self and others.

If President Obama is proof that race is no longer any impediment to success, does Frederick Douglas prove that slavery wasn’t either?

The welfare of all depends on the welfare of each.

I believe in a God who is rational enough to be amused by people who are irrational enough to believe in Him.

Hatred and violence (implicit or explicit) are particularly virulent pathologies, because they are too often opposed by being replicated..

“Hash tag” is a game in which participants run around blowing the smoke of a combustible opiate in one another’s face.

While a healthy polity speaks with many voices and enjoys a varied diet of multiple perspectives, if it consumes too much processed news chock-full of artificial ingredients, it is likely to suffer from chronic flatulence.

The reduction of the world to a small set of competing caricatures of reality, with one’s own being right and holy and the others being terrible abominations, is one of the most pernicious and persistent of all human follies.

The range of your vision is impaired by the location of your head.

Those who can’t prevail on substance focus on form, patting themselves on the back for saying nothing in few words rather than much in many.

Our lives are the dancing tips of an eternal blaze, casting sparks into the dark unknown of what is yet to be.

Like a monkey hammering away at the keyboard for all eternity, mindless probability occasionally comes to my aid….

You’re not raining on my parade; you’re pissing into the wind. Completely different outcome.

Knowing that we don’t know is relief from the burden of false certainties, both lightening our load and spreading wings of humble wisdom on which to soar.

What could possibly be more inauthentic than proving my authenticity by pretending to be someone other than who I am?

Mathematics is god’s own soliloquy echoing within our minds.

The real political divide is between those more committed to Simianism and those more committed to Sentience.

Trump makes America great again in the same way that long, rumbling farts make the air fresh again.

You didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid; you snorted cubic meters of the raw powder while jerking off with a plastic bag tied over your head.

 “Truth” is just one item on the belief buffet. Most people don’t even bother to lift the lid off, let alone ladle some onto their plate.

Buy my e-book A Conspiracy of Wizards

Click here to buy my e-book A Conspiracy of Wizards for just $2.99!!!

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