2008 Nobel Prize Winning Economist and New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman calls out Mitch McConnel for attempting to use political extortion to preserve fiscally irresponsible tax breaks for the super-wealthy (Even conservative Alan Greenspan has said that Congress should let the Bush tax breaks for the super-wealthy sunset, and not renew them), describes how how the Bush administration got them passed in 2001 by bundling them with smaller tax breaks for the middle class and circumventing fiscally responsible senate rules requiring off-sets for the tax breaks in reduced spending, and argues persuasively that it is in both the Democrat’s political interests and the nation’s economic interests to take a tough stand against Republicans trying to continue this national debt-inflating redistribution of wealth to the wealthiest Americans:

Why on Earth does anyone vote for Republicans anymore? Because the right’s economic disinformation campaign has successfully disguised their economic hypocricy and incompetence in the eyes of many. It’s time to relegate to the dust heap of history these worhshippers at the alter of feathering the nests of the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and of future generations, and continue to reinstate reasonable government by responsible and committed public servants.

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