The Denver Post reported today that Democratic Senator Mark Udall of Colorado has teamed up with conservative American Enterprise Institute scholar Norm Ornstein to make the filibuster more difficult to implement (as it once was, not so very long ago), and only available one time (rather than at multiple stages of a bill’s journey through Congress) ( 

Despite the backing of a conservative luminary, and despite Udall’s crafting of the bill as a compromise to the minority party, he has thus far been unable to find a Republican co-sponsor, again underscoring President Obama’s observations in his recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, and what everyone but the thoroughly self-deceived have known for some time (and what I wrote early today when commenting on Obama’s interview, The Republicans in Congress have no intention of serving the interests of the American people. Their raison d’etre is to hamstring the government, blame the consequences on the Democratic majority, regain control of Congress by doing so, and continue to serve the short-term interests of the few, by cultivating and exploiting the compatible blind dogma of a large information-deprived faction, at the expense of us all in the long run.

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