I just wanted to bring to your attention the new page linked to in the pages box (currently on the left margin, toward the top), which is duplicated below. Please let me know if there are any posts you think should be added, or subtracted, from the list. Thanks.

As the quantity of material here grows, and my ability to keep up the pace declines, I thought it might be useful to keep a running list of my favorite posts and posts that have received a high number of page-hits, so that visitors who enjoy these essays can usually find something they haven’t read that’s worth reading, even if I haven’t written anything new since their last visit.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find that it was worth your while!

The Politics of Consciousness

Information and Energy: Past, Present, and Future

The Evolutionary Ecology of Audio-Visual Entertainment (& the nested & overlapping subsystems of Gaia)

Lords and Serfs on the Global Manor: Foreign Aid as Noblesse Oblige

Problems Without Borders

The Politics of Anger

The Foundational Progressive Agenda

The Tyranny of Blind Ideology

Why Fame Is Attractive

Deforestation: Losing an Area the Size of England Every Year (including a long passage on “Political Market Instruments,” which is why I included this post here).

The Elusive Truth

“Is Religion A Force For Good?”

The T Party…, THC, That Is

Systems Analysis, Politics, and the Uneasy Alliance of Ignorance and Privilege

Liberty & Society

A Positive Vision For Colorado

The Economic Debate We’re Not Having

The Conservative v. Progressive Debate

Democracy’s Defect Is In The “Demos”

Sound Mind, Sound Body, Sound Society; Sound Good?

Environmental Open Forum

Pro-Life Dogma v. Life-Affirming Sentiment

Is It Wrong to Require People to Buy Health Insurance?

A comprehensive overview of the immigration issue

Real Education Reform

The Real Deficit

The Restructuring of the American and Global Economy

Why Michael Bennet Truly Impresses Me

Sunday Briefs: Glenn Beck on Slavery, How Free Should Speech Be, & the Social Relevance of How We Conceptualize God.

The More Subtle & Salient Economic Danger We Currently Face

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