The Republicans in Nevada, knowing that they have the weaker hand to attract Latino voters, decided on a different strategy: Find a Latino front man, name his group “Latinos for Reform,” and create an ad which encourages Latinos to send a message to the Democrats who haven’t done enough for them by not voting (and thus, incidentally, helping to secure the victories of rapid xenophobic Republicans and Tea Partiers who are absolutely antagonistic to the interests of Latinos). Unfortunately, my video-embedding widget doesn’t seem to be working, so here’s the URL of the YouTube video:

Similar to the campaign to trick some inattentive Democrats into voting for an anti-reproductive-rights ballot initiative in Colorado (Zealots Trying To Undermine Democracy), this is an attempt to trick Latino voters into acting against their own interests, by posing as an interest group aligned with Latino interests (though in reality aligned with the xenophobic right-wing agenda) advocating that Latinos withhold their votes in protest from the party far more aligned with and dedicated to their interests.

Ironically, the rank-and-file right-wingers who believe they are voting for Liberty are really voting for Machiavellian power-grabbing trickery, power which is then utilized in the interests of the corporate elites who want to preserve and advance the obscene (and economically dysfunctional) economic inequality in the United States.

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