The World At Dark

In the world at dark

The sky is lit with Time’s glow,

Each star a spark

In so long a moment

That there seems no start,

No end, no movement

That my eyes can know…,

But how much farther my mind can go!

To what avail? For what goal?

To lose myself and free my soul.

For I am nothing

And i am all.


The Crystal Ball

I saw a shadow

Drift across mountains,

A cloud afloat

In the beckoning sky;

The world, she danced,

Like sparkling clear fountains,

For all is as crystal

As time passes by.

I dreamt of an island

Where cascades are falling,

Where flowers are blooming

And nothing need try;

Surrounded by ocean,

Eternal waves calling,

My castaway spirit

Is free now to fly.

The sun gazes warmly

Upon the lush world,

Embracing Her gently

With patience and pride;

Life dances on,

Its wonders unfurl,

But all becomes crystal

Once Time has passed by.

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